Posted on: July 10, 2009 5:04 am

one ny mess : is this the worst mets team ever?

this may be the worst Mets team ever assembled.  and that does not include the injuries that have piled up.  omar minaya has put together the softest, heartless, lack of clutch team money could buy.  for the past 3 years he has continued to plug the roster with older players, pitchers beyond their prime, and an over abundance of latinos (who, if you look at it statistically seem to get hurt ALOT more)

then you have to start looking at the injury issue as something other than mere coincidence.  a few injuries is coincidence, nearly the whole team getting hurt becomes organizational negligence.....coaches making players over play, train, etc.  or poor scouting on a player's history of toughness or wearability.  

their HORRIBLE minor league system is a whole other story.  even the Yankees have a better farm system & they sign every free agent known to man!!

depressing  :( 

i believe the mets heiarchy needs to be "sorted".  all coaches, management, scouting needs to be broken up in order to change this air of disapointment & the team needs to finally be blown up.  

and i don't want to hear "wait till all the players return"  THATS HALF THE PROBLEM!!!  they shoulnd't be hurt so much for soooooooooo long to begin with.   a calf strain taking this long?  a hip injury that should have been addressed LAST offseason?  an injury prone CF who people call "tough" b/c he plays through injuries, but in reality he has 4304830438 injuries b/c he is injury prone.  don't get me started on patellar tendonitis!!! lol. 

the only argument i have is the 62 mets, and possibly the team that produced Anthony Young's record setting "most losses in a season".    at least that team had heart & some electricity (pat howell, dave magadan, joe orsulak, jeff kent)

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